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Thejas Suvarna

I’m trying to stop the Daily Mood Surveys from being delivered after the participant has reached the 12 month mark in the study (they are receiving the survey for an extra week due to the ParticipantEndDate being set one week after they reach the 12 month mark). I’ve attached a screenshot of an event-based schedule and wanted to verify that the schedule will allow the participants to receive their final Daily Mood Survey on the same day as their 12 month follow up survey, then no more Daily Mood Surveys after that. Let me know if that schedule will work or if there’s an easier way to accomplish this goal.



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    Please leverage the Survey Delivery End Date configuration setting. I might set a SurveyDeliveryEndDate custom field that gets set to the last DailyMood survey delivery date (12 weeks after enrollment). 

    If there is a different survey that needs to be delivered after 12 weeks of enrollment, you could utilize the survey delivery stop date setting on the schedule to stop delivery of just the DailyMood survey.

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