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Thejas Suvarna
I am trying to create a continuing updating segment. I have noticed that the current segment system can only group people based on finished survey results and data, not for future ones. I am just considering that for the case like: a survey happens once a week, for each week,  we want to update the segment based on the answers the participants provided in the past week, and assign new tasks to these updated groups of people, and we want this to happen without setting all these restrictions every week. 
To finish the task, I think I need to get access to the segment variables. Do you see a better solution for this?


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    Thejas Suvarna
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    Thank you for providing those details.
    Segments are configured within the MyDataHelps Designer. Participants are not assigned directly to a specific segment, but rather segment criteria is built to select which participants belong to that segment. See Filtering With Participant Segments for further information.

    Did those segments you configure have criteria whereby participants would no longer meet it after the scheduled survey was delivered? Depending on the exact needs, you might be able to:

    1. Create a segment of participants that require a survey, which triggers a schedule to send the survey.

    2. then the participants would be moved out of the segment once they no longer meet the criteria of needing a survey,

    3. Retrigger at a future point should they meet that segment's criteria and re-enter.

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