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I'm trying to figure out the schedule feature to send my first survey. What is the difference between "Never Due" and "Due After" in the Actions section?



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    Thejas Suvarna
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    Hi Will,

    As you note there are two options for setting due dates for surveys.

    The "Due After" option sets a due date for the survey by enabling you to set a duration of time that the participant has to complete their survey. The "Never Due" option is simply not setting a due date for the survey. I will explain below a few places where this becomes relevant.

    • Identifying overdue tasks. Querying survey tasks based on their due dates only works for surveys that were sent using the "Due After" option. You may use this to define the logic for a schedule or segment. (For example, you may create a schedule that sends a notification for all participants that have an overdue survey task).
    • Sorting the task list. The default survey task list on the participant dashboard sorts incomplete tasks based on their due date. Survey tasks are sorted in the following order from top to bottom: 1) Overdue Surveys, 2) surveys in order of soonest due date to furthest due date, 3) surveys without a due date.
    • Presentation of tasks on the task list. See below for an example.

    One important thing to note is that setting a Due Date on the survey does not automatically make an incomplete survey unavailable once that duration expires.

    Examples of how survey tasks are presented on the task list.

    In the image below, there are 3 surveys that showcase 3 examples.

    • The "Stage 1 Sample Collection Appointment" was delivered using "Due After". Once that duration passes, the status of the survey changes to Overdue.
    • The "Sample Collection Instructions" survey was also delivered using the "Due After" option, but that duration of time has not expired yet. In this case, the survey task list will show the number of days until the survey is due.
    • The "Description of Child" survey was delivered using the "Never Due" option. In this case, the survey task list will not show any related due date information for a survey task.

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