Hiding Identifying Information (Email, Name, Phone Number) Answered

Thejas Suvarna
Is it possible to hide the email address from the participant viewer when you click on a participant? We do not want to tie email address back to survey responses when coordinators are going in and managing the participant. If you set the columns on a specific segment and don't include email address, will the email address still show up in the participant viewer when you click on the participant in the segment?


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    Thejas Suvarna
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    There is a blinded mode that is available for coordinators to use that will hide common demographic fields that. may contain PII. To access it, Please go to your personal settings from the gear icon in the top-right corner of MDHD. Then select the "Blinded Mode" tab and click "Enable". You will be able to disable this any time you'd like.

    To answer your second question. Even if you do not include email address in the segment viewer, you will still see the email address field at the top of the participant viewer when you click on a participant. However, that email field will be blinded if blinded mode is turned on.

    Disclaimer: Blinded mode hides common demographic fields that may contain PII. However, this cannot guarantee that no PII will be visible through MDHD. One example is if a survey response contains PII, blinded mode is unable to blind that specific survey response.

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