I'd like to set up a randomization schedule for survey delivery.

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I have 1 survey I would like to deliver to participants at 1 of 4 different times throughout the day (10 AM, 1 PM, 4 PM, or 7 PM). 
I've already created a schedule to randomize participants into a time slot each day (screenshot below), but I'm getting stuck on how to set up the survey schedule. 


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    In order to randomize participants to receive the survey at 1 of 4 possible times each day, you will need a total of 5 schedules:
    • The first schedule will randomize participants to a time of day each morning (schedule from your previous screenshot)
    • The other four will look similar to your screenshot, except the Time of Day will be set to the specific time the notification should send (e.g., 10 AM) and should Filter Participants for those with the same custom field value (e.g., 10AM)
    Additionally, we recommend creating a sixth schedule to close any incomplete daily surveys each day before sending the new survey, to prevent tasks from piling up for the participant. 

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