Welcome to the MyDataHelps Community!

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We are excited to have you join the MyDataHelps community! You'll be able to engage with like-minded people who are leveraging digital tools to improve health research and wellness. Maybe you have a question about what kinds of sensor data you should collect for a study, or perhaps you have some MyDataHelps best practices you've developed with your team that you want to share- this is the place! 

The community should serve to connect you with others, providing one another with support and ideas. CareEvolution will be monitoring and participating within the forum as well so that we all can work towards improving healthcare together.


Much like our User Guide, you should use the search bar to find relevant posts & comments. If you don't have a specific topic in mind, take a look at our Community Topics section to explore posts within. From time to time, we will feature certain posts to make sure you are aware of new features, announcements, or popular posts. Otherwise, if you don't see a topic of interest, click New Post to create one!


If you want to follow certain topics, be sure to click Follow from within that topic's page. You'll need to log in with your MyDataHelps Designer account to follow topics and receive emails for new posts and/or comments.

Community Guidelines

While we are excited to introduce a community forum, we want to ensure that it supports the MyDataHelps platform and community. To that end, we have two rules to keep this community positive and productive. Posts and comments that break these rules may be removed and repeated offenses may result in removal of forum privileges.

  1. All posts and comments must be constructive. We ask that you respect and assist one another and always add your thoughts with the goal of improving the product and/or community.

  2. All posts and comments must be relevant. Posts that are not related to MyDataHelps or healthcare may be removed.

We hope that you find this forum invaluable. If you have suggestions on how we could improve the forum, add a comment below!




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