Why are the surveys open past their due date? Featured Answered

Thejas Suvarna

We had delivered some surveys and expected them to become unavailable after 12 months when they are due. 

However, there are some participants in the study who have surpassed the 12 month deadline from when the surveys were delivered and they still appear to not have been closed in the Task List. 



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    Thejas Suvarna
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    The "Due Date" is a survey status- it indicates if a survey should have been completed. Within the MyDataHelps app, a survey task will turn red if it is due. There is no default duration at which point a survey would close.

    Surveys can be closed either manually or by schedule. It seems that it may be best to add a schedule that closes surveys after some period of time (which could differ by survey).

    The example below shows an example of how to close surveys by schedule.

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