Using Survey Try it Out with Custom Fields Answered

Thejas Suvarna

I have a quick question about using the try it out feature. I added validation logic so that a Site (custom field) needs to be populated in order to proceed with the consent. However, this makes the try it out feature unusable for this survey. It just closes out the consent after the first step because, presumably, there is no Site custom field to direct the system to the appropriate step. Is there any way I can test out the survey in MDH Designer with a custom field populated?



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    Thejas Suvarna
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    We actually have a feature called "Try It Out As Participant" that can be helpful for you here. (In the link, it is the second part of the "Try It Out" section). 
    Once you have a test participant that has the custom field value that you are trying to test, you can enter their participant identifier into the Try It Out feature and the system will utilize the participants data when presenting the test survey. 

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