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Thejas Suvarna
Not sure who best to address this question to, but the work study student programmers I am working with to develop some screens to be presented in views have gotten a bit stuck at the phase of trying to get the participant ID in order to provide them with custom data visualizations based on their activities.
They have tried to use the Javascript SDK getParticipantInfo function, but are getting an error and the message "undefined". It seems that this is probably because the function is designed to be run from a "logged in" account? Is there a way to go about testing that uses this function? Not sure if I/they may have missed this in the documentation but any guidance would be greatly appreciated!


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    Thejas Suvarna
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    You're correct- in order to access project/participant data using the MyDataHelps SDK, the view must be running from within MyDataHelps with a logged in participant.
    To test your view, we suggest creating a separate test or “dry run” project with test participants. You can then log in as one of the test participants to see the view as a participant would. Please refer to our Testing Projects and Surveys article for more information about creating test accounts.

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