Deliver surveys based on last week's responses

Thejas Suvarna

Hi, I am having trouble executing this function: making a segment based on the frequency of sth. For example: I want to set a segment for people who answer all yeses in a daily survey last week to assign new tasks to them. Also, I want this segmentation happen every week. Do you know a way to do so? Should I create an application to achieve this goal?
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    Thejas Suvarna
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    Would the attached logic work in your scenario? Instead of checking for "Yes" to all responses in the past week, it might simplify the logic to check that there were no "No" responses. 
    However, since it seems you want to send weekly tasks out, it might be better to create a schedule that sends the necessary tasks out on repeat, but filters out participants who no longer meet the criteria (i.e. answered "No"). Perhaps this might be a better solution.

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