Getting Coordinator Survey answers in MyDataHelps.querySurveyTasks

Thejas Suvarna

We have a survey that has a Participant administered and a Coordinator Administered version and it appears that only the participant administered survey tasks appear in the json response when querying the API.   We want to count which surveys were done to display on our dashboard, but im not getting data on the Coordinator administered by querying MyDataHelps.querySurveyTasks.  Is there something I’m missing or will I have to use a different call to count any coordinator surveys?  (I see that I could potentially look at surveyAnswers, but I want to make sure I simplify as much as possible)



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    You are correct that you would need to query SurveyAnswers for this and not tasks. Coordinator surveys are currently not task-based, so there is no task that can be queried that is attached directly to the coordinator's survey answer.

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