Pre-operative surgery enrollment workflow without a participant phone



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    Utilizing the "shared device" mode (detailed instructions to enable this mode are here), the nurses / coordinators in pre-op would be able to enroll patients on a shared device to allow the completion of registration and the baseline survey by passing the shared device to the new participant. The workflow would be as follows:
    1. Nurse / coordinator enables "shared device" mode on the iPad by following instructions here
    2. Re-open MDH on the shared device; you will see the study "about and enrollment" page -- click "Join"
    3. Enter the participant identifier
    4. Pass the shared device to the participant and allow them to register and fill out the surveys scheduled on enrollment
    • Note: participants will only be able to fill out the surveys delivered at enrollment and no additional surveys; they will need to login on their own device / web to complete surveys post enrollment 
  • Once the participant is finished, click "log out"
  • The participant will receive the "MyDataHelps" email verification email; this can serve as a reminder for them to download the MyDataHelps app or visit and log in with their username/password they entered in "shared device mode"
  • The participant will then resume participating in the study on their own MDH device / website
  • Repeat on the shared device as needed
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