Surveys & Consent Forms

Create surveys with the WYSIWYG survey editor, and manage delivery schedules.


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Best Practices

  • Reducing Participant Cognitive Burden

    When creating a survey with MyDataHelps Designer, it's crucial to minimize the cognitive load f...

  • Look and Feel

    A key element in designing a survey that offers participants an engaging experience is the look...

  • Data Integrity

    While enhancing the participant experience and keeping participants engaged is crucial in parti...


Step Types

  • Step Type: Instruction

    An instruction step is the most basic step type. It allows you to present some simple text cont...

  • Step Type: Question

    A question step allows you to present a single question to the user. If you would like to prese...

  • Step Type: Form

    A form step allows you to present multiple questions to the user on a single step. Table of C...

  • Step Type: Consent

    The consent step allows the user to review and sign the selected consent document. See creating...

  • Step Types: Completion

    The completion step is simply an instruction step that displays an animated checkmark when the ...

  • Step Type: Countdown

    A countdown step prompts the participant to wait a set period of time before allowing them to c...

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Answer Formats

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Advanced Survey Editing

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Importing and Sharing Surveys

Additional Survey Types