Data Exports

Exporting data from MyDataHelps Designer is under your control. You may choose the file type (CSV or JSON), set the export schedule, and export your data directly to your SFTP site or S3 bucket. There are 5 main types of data: participant data, survey data, device / wearable sensor data, auxiliary file data, and EHR data. Details on each type of export file and data can be found below. Please check with your organization's IT Support for assistance setting up SFTP. Data exports may contain Protected Health Information (PHI), Personally Identifiable Information (PII), and/or other health-related sensitive information, and must be transferred/stored in accordance with your organization’s security policies in order to ensure participant privacy and data security.


  • Setting Up Data Exports

    MyDataHelps Designer can automatically export participant survey results and sensor data from y...

  • Export File Type and Format Summary

    After downloading exported data from MyDataHelps Designer, you will have a number of data files...

  • Project Reporting Dashboard

    Once you've enabled data exports for your project, you can easily monitor project activity with...

  • Export Explorer

    Once exports have been set up for your project and the first file is generated, you will have a...

Participant Data Exports

Survey Data Exports

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Apple HealthKit Data Exports

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Fitbit Data Exports

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Electronic Health Records (EHR) & Account Data Exports

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Geographic Data Exports

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Additional Data Exports

Auxiliary Data Exports